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Above the Clouds

Airport Envolope & Control Tower

Envelopes can vary depending on the project, size, number of geometries, program, function and more. To be able to succeed and achieve the results that are expecting clients and contractors a full development and analysis of this sort of projects must be done with the purpose of proving buildability for it.

Such project and analysis can only be done (in our humble opinion) with visual programming tools, such as Dynamo, Grasshopper or digital project, depending on the user and the purpose of the analysis. Even between these tools there are differences, advantages and disadvantages, however each one will allow to go beyond typical forms for architecture.

We receive information from the conceptual form of the project, but still a lot needs to be review and analyze to assure the project will be build and it will be solved. Each piece of this project is fully independent but at the same time had the ability and capacity of becoming one single structural element that will support a full roof for one of the biggest airports. Its triangular system makes every piece unique and with a high level of precision needed to be developed to contain all panels for this structure.

Parametric Design becomes fundamental when developing such structures, where the use of formulas, functions and definitions from the visual programming tool help architects, engineers and more to have a proper idea of the challenge that we are facing in the latest time of architecture.

Airports are meant to be a gate of welcoming to a new environment helping cities to connect and countries to evolve with the interaction that pass trough them, in a similar way architecture is suppose to make people feel welcome to their home.

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