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Balance Exercise

Mix Use Stadium

Our team is focus and specialized in bring the best from technology to the world of AEC, our experience and knowledge gave us the opportunity to create a new mix use space to share with the citizens and improve the wellness and livability of the city.

This project had the chance to collaborate with multiple teams, where we were able to assist with design, structural fabrication and currently we are still exploring envelope possibilities, it is because the speed of iterations and analysis we came up with a result that reduce the amount of steel, it considers environmental aspects such as sunlight and wind and design adapts to these conditions to reduce the problems and increase comfort inside and outside the building.

By the use of parametric architecture, we were able to repeat the structure into families simplifying the fabrication of the elements all these using the data from the model, which got us to preserve form and finding efficiency in the use of materials.

The cultural gap we face in the world of technology in the AEC field has many challenges to overcome,  we are putting our effort and passion  to have the best developments in Design and Construction.

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