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Green Energy Turbines

Wind Analysis

It becomes crucial to understand the value of our environment for any project, this way we can understand and improve the performance for our design, thinking outside the box its easy when we start looking at data and understanding the patterns. 

Any type of model can be process in order to perform an analysis, however we need to understand what type of geometry are we dealing with, the geolocation of our project, the way we need to set up properly any type of analysis, all of this in order to have the best possible criteria for a design

Collaboration is the key to succeed, how we implement and use the information to create a wind analysis its becoming easier and faster, when architects, engineers and developers  come together we can achieve greater results, having and open mindset to see beyond the initial results for a project. 

Environment its changing, climate change is becoming more complex and it will be a big challenge for our future, only buildings are responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions, so if we start to improve the energy and the efficiency of our projects, we will start fighting and hopefully reverse this conditions to improve the quality of our planet. 

We use technology to explore, imagine, recreate our ideas, and figure out better ways to explore, tools are changing how we conceive and think about any type of design, we keep finding and adding value to our projects by going out of the box with new methods.

Wind can tell us a lot when we talk about public space and cities.

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