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Empty Room

Clay Deposition

These images show a fabrication method based on the placing and pressing of wet clay cylinders with the use of a robotic arm placed on a mobile platform. The pressed cylinders are binded together by the pressing motion in order to create monolithic clay structures bigger than the reach of the arm.

The clay is a special component that was develop to comply with all structural loads, it has the capacity to adapt to a variation of shapes and forms, allowing flexibility when designing with this material.

Its finished has a natural organic assembly that is used as esthetic form of design from the properties of the material itself, without having a need to add more materials to its appearance.

When operating with robotic arms we can reduce the waste and improve the times of production for the building of the elements, all the information which will give the pattern to the robot must be translated by the use of programming tools, giving the specific commands that will result in the final design of the project.

Operating Robotics and technology in the industry of AEC is just starting to become familiar to work with it those who anticipate with the use of this technology, similar to 3D printer´s robotics will be more frequently use in our building operations, where cities will take all possible advantages.

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