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Concrete Bridge

Concrete Printing

Project fabricated through concrete printing. This method consists on pumping concrete though a tube connected to a robot arm, the arm follows the intended path of deposition.

Here the process is showcased on a shading panel, for a façade previously analyzed for radiation. The results of the analysis are processed to control the size of the openings and with that the radiation inside of the building.

The solar radiation analysis requires parametric and computational tools, placing the information collected and processing the data require create the openings accordingly to the specifications for the project. Reducing radiation inside buildings increase comfort and reduce consumption.

Same way without the use of a robotic arm, creating this shape of concrete wouldn’t be possible, so the interaction and knowledge to operate with them becomes essential, equally the use of the programming tools require for the analysis of this structure.

To evolve with technology and robotics all we need is to take the risk to discover all the benefits this technology will bring to the industry, considering possible savings that come with the use of it.

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