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Hotel Room

Hotel CD

When visiting a place, one of the key aspects to enjoy the experience is actually where you stay, make sure you are in the right place to have a full experience. Hotels have many details to consider, design and MEP systems become crucial to make sure the experience you live fulfills your expectations and more.


The number of elements is considerable and proper coordination for the project is essential to understand the value of design required for this type of project. Furniture, ceilings, walls, windows, interior design furniture, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures and many more and place precisely in and control with the use of Data. 


The time invested in a model assists in this project to collect all elements and make sure positioning works properly, the translation from a 2D information into a 3D helps to solve multiple problems in the project.

We also know the value of developing a model in order to have all information in a digital database, (Digital Twin) which will add value to the O&M phase of the project, always trying to have better Data to control the project and possible updates that it may need in the future.

Data is known as the new fuel that will help our world to enter into a new phase. The importance of building a model with data is the first step to access the development of the data era.

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