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Using a model to evaluate any kind of workflow becomes fundamental for a project, when using a BIM methodology since the beginning of a project we start to collect data that can be used during all phases of a project.

By using generative design at the beginning of phase we can explore multiple options saving time and increasing the number of possible explorations, using this new method when starting a project helps teams to have a deeper reflection and comprehension of the specific parameters that are being evaluated.

Once we have a general geometry we can start developing different studies that lead to the final shape of geometry, such as a solar analysis, this kind of exploration help teams to understand orientation, sunlight, shadows which are related to energy consumption inside a building, this kind of analysis will help to reduce this type of consumption and will lead the teams to explore different geometries, therefore one analysis can affect design and electrical energy.

Synergies must be found between every analysis and a design option to create a sustainable project when increasing our perspective of them we can connect them properly increasing the value of the project, going beyond design and thinking about solutions for the environment and neighborhoods that will be affected by a project.

Using BIM, models, parametric design, generative design, data we can assure to have the best connection between disciplines this way every specialty will be able to come up with better solutions, and the final result will go beyond that just implementing traditional workflows.

When using concepts and technology together we are assuring that the initial phase of any project will be transform and the evolution of the project will be more accurate to meet the key aspects of any project, knowing that we have multiple advantages since the beginning to use them in future phases.

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