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Running in Park

Pedestrian Design

How can we create a design that is suitable from a pedestrian perspective and incorporate the conditions from the terrain, adapting design and landscape in the proposal. The complexity of this challenge, considering the area of intervention becomes complex, with the use of information and models  it simplifies the challenge of the project.

We use multiple lines of code to adjust and understand the intervention that benefit the trace of the project, it is really simple to comprehend the advantages, AVES is always reviewing the information of a project before we come up with a proposal, by using this method to design we achieve greater results for our projects.

Pedestrian must access every single area from the project, so it is vital to develop accuracy in the levels and slopes from this path, as well as the connection points, helping the users to have the best experiences without compromising the tour of the users.

The time it took for the team to identify the terrain, to have a product of design was optimal thanks to the use of technology and applying codes that help the team to input all the elements and review the analysis to the project.

Tools must be use in creative ways to achieve creative results.

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