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Interior Design

Interior Design is meant to be an experience, it has to represent a unique space, something outstanding from the rest. We ask ourselves how we can develop a unique piece that allows us to increase the feeling of the area as well as increment the use of space.


First we evaluate the space playing with a few configurations that help us understand the benefits from one to the other. Once we have real scale elements and different configurations we decide the best possible way to pursue the final arrangement. 


After having an idea of the best configuration we start to work on a concept, looking at references or similar ideas, this way we can better understand and start to create an image of the result that we want to achieve.


For the concept selected we understand that parametric design was an option to create the approach, and see multiple outputs that will allow the team to understand different combinations, once we have that we can go and make adjustments manually where we can get the result of the idea.


Design has multiple forms and ways to be done, computational design is a helpful method but the creative process of any type of design still remains a full human characteristic. 

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