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Picnic in Park

Public Space Park

BIM is not just about buildings it can be use for other kind of projects such as public space, for this project we collaborate with a landscape office and we help them in multiple aspects which make the value of the project even greater.

First, we create a python code that was able to create the position of trees considering the areas and free space each tree needed to grow with the best conditions, the position of the trees was place randomly and it use different species for each location. When we talk about thousands of trees to be place, time and efficiency was a key aspect to help the team to understand the position of all trees, once we had all the trees, we were able to extract a data base that help the teams to represent the work that is to be develop.

We support the team as well to understand the complexity of the topography and the zones of them considering we are close to a river we need to evaluate conflict zones for the terrain as well as the best possible zones that could be use to plant trees without affecting or creating movement in the ground. This was a mapping development that was done thanks to the advantages of computational tools which make this possible to create.

Once we have the information of every single element and the structure in a database, we send the information to python and create and analysis with the use of pandas, a library that help to represent information in a format which allow us to explain specific conditions for the landscape by evaluating all the data and creating reports for our client.

BIM and 3D models can be use in many creative forms which will add value to our projects, sometimes the challenge is just taking a step to go forward.

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