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Cranes with buildings


Buildings have multiple forms and ways to be done, time is something special to consider for the future of construction, and certain type of projects can take great advantage of prefabricated systems, this must be evaluated to consider not only time but cost of operations and logistics, as well as the facility management of the building to operate.

3D models and BIM as we know can help in the overall work that has to be develop for this type of projects, by using parametric families and techniques parametrization we can obtain detailed information to build modular systems.

This also allow the team to share the information with possible fabricators, so one system can be reviewed with multiple providers helping the client to make the best decisions, the value of having proper planning in the project can be translated in earnings, seeing a model and its information properly will be crucial for the success of a business, specially when we talk about retail and housing.

Being cost effective requires a multidisciplinary analysis, building these models will give great information to all the members in the project to evaluate and recognize the key aspects of the project, working in a central model that can be updated keeping all changes and all the information that is require for the teams.

Collaboration platforms are evolving as well and cloud services are becoming more friendly user with better performance, choosing the proper tools to operate and the systems will be key to share information and interact with the correct workflow. Visioning that at some moment most of our work could be develop fully inside a browser system.

A global vision is important to achieve automation and great results inside a project.

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