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The Scale of our Universe

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

The façade development

Scale is everything isn't it, what about stars, sky and water. The view that every one of us has about the world. A façade is just like that, a new view a new perspective about how can we see the universe, how can we see our cities.

I believe transparency is an important subject when we get involve in design and also when we start to collaborate with others, while we make things easier to collaborate we need to be clear and transparent with the information, but being careful with the level of information we provide.

For this project we were happy to have the opportunity to create a first analysis from a mesh and translate all the information to a system of points and vectors that help us to share information with different teams to follow up with the design development phase for the project.

Precision becomes essential for the construction of a double curvature façade but also for engineers to develop proper analysis and for architects to understand the shape for slabs and understand the project in sections.

A project like this is almost impossible to work without softwares such as Dynamo or Grasshopper, using the correct technology, formulas, scripts, and the correct collaboration allows the team to develop a high performance development for buildings.

The challenge for developing a façade is really exciting from beginning to end, all the details that you discover along the process are so complex but when you find solutions they become so easy translate into buildable solutions.

As architects we must pay attention to the view and the surrounding's of a building but also responsible about the scale and perspective we bring to our world, providing opportunities for citizens to enjoy.

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