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What I love most about dynamo

Is it flexibility, is it the magic and beauty of looking and "quick" data, is it the awareness and the comprehension of space, maybe is the white environment and the reference x = 0, y = 0, z = 0, maybe is that I have learn to constantly study as much as I can, probably is just the massive amount of opportunities that i have when I see the blank space, it could also be the beauty of every step and how it transform to get into a particular result.

Well I been thinking as well probably it is that this tool has become a challenge to myself, it has taught me to insist and pursuit the search of information, I just kind of thing that the possibilities are limitless with this kind of tool, I mean I don't believe that dynamo is the answer of everything, but I least is the answer for many questions that normally you cannot see without a great interpretation of elements.

Where would we go next? I wonder

What is the next creation? I draw it in my mind

How can I solve it? The beauty of complexity

or simply I just want to play.

Motivation must keep high, even when we are not yet creating the dream, I guess we are building the dream, as long as we don't stop "fighting" and developing more scripting, sharing with more people and enjoying the constant struggle of scripting, then we may build what we are expecting to build.

So just keep having fun and love every part of it, i do believe that future generations will have this thinking criteria almost embebed with the nature of understanding the space.

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