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How to build a form?

Recently we were experimenting with some geometries to develop a form that as you may see in the images requires double curvature to be develop, this kind of geometries can be considered as geometries that are fully parametric, but the question here is what technique of parametric was use to develop such forms.

Nowadays all projects can use parameters and it should be a must in any kind of projects, however there’s and important thing to consider when modelling a project and that is the technique, every single software has different performance and operates with different commands, although you may achieve similar results between them it could be easier in one software than other.

Maybe parametric tools allow us to create and explore more shapes and forms, but we must be smart to avoid wasting energy exploring or creating a form in the wrong software, this because the capacity and ability of the tools that are provide by the developers are different. It is true that each tool is unique but there’s also a thin line between when to use one or the other.

For us the best way to know which is the correct tool is to play and use the tool, exploring the capacity of the tools and how does the performance of it behaves with the modelling workflow. Even if at some moment we are talking about interoperability between software’s, we must understand and look for the correct behavior of each tool and how far to push it to achieve the correct result.

For this scenario we decided to play with a simple mesh and then start a deconstruction of the shape itself, this was faster to create with a “Semi-automatic tool” that let us use parameters but at the same time it gives us the freedom to do manual movements to the form in a really simple way, in we try to explode the form into points we will see the big amount of control points that this sort of geometries require to be created.

Once we have a result that we like is time to deconstruct the shape and create a new type of analysis that will help the team to understand which construction methods must be use to build such a shape, therefore the time of playing with geometry its finished and a new stage must be develop for the comprehension of geometry, where coding and scripting languages tend to be faster and easier once you actually know how to operate with them.

Don’t forget that a big part of this work is actually exploring, playing and discover.

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