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Looking for the view Generative Design

From time to time I wonder what is the best angle, best position to become and observer, it is impossible for two objects to exist at the same position, at least until the last time i checked according to the laws of physics, when you are starring at the sunset and you are sharing with someone else, even if its next to you, you both have different angles to admire the amazing spectacle of the sunset.

So what if we could find a way where two, three, four, fifty, a hundred or even thousands of observers could share the magic on one specific activity at one time.

Well in order to do that we use Generative Design

We are looking to provide the comfort of observing in the best possible way, the best possible angle, the best interaction in the stage in order to captivate the eye of the observer, multiple rules and constraint must be taken to have the best conditions and tools such as Generative Design will guide us to simplify the and find the benefits of it.

When we develop codes for learning and understanding the behavior of a space there's nothing better, at least to me, that bringing the power of Generative Design to our studies, transform our intuition in order to acquire Data, develop data to understand the complexity of the project.

Every single detail counts when we are developing design and every single strategy must be consider to make our projects better, this time we want to provide the best view, so everyone can enjoy with the best possibility without ignoring important value to be consider for the project to comply with a function and take multiple constraints.

Hundreds of options can be easily find one you know this technology and the value of using it for your projects will be a daily activity in the future of architects. Lets keep sharing to enjoy and take all the amazing possibilities of it to bring it to our projects.

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