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Generative Design, Are we evolving architecture?

Generative Design could be mention at the time of writing this blog as a recent technology, it is definitely one of my favorites today, AVES believes there is great future for this sort of operations, and probably we are looking at the beginning of it.

With any kind of technology we could say that "change" will come with it, and our work and discipline is changing as well, which is something to be excited for, although there is lot of controversy about Generative Design if it will work for everyone I believe it will depend of the users who adapt to it and those that actually are seeing the opportunity in this sort of workflow.

Generative Design
Optimization & Exploration

There's no doubt about all the amazing possibilities we can achieve with Generative Design, but one of the key factor for it is the use of Scripting and Coding skills such as python, otherwise is not possible to achieve such results.

So architects are meant to know or have coding skills with them? Yes indeed, from my perspective this should be a must with every person nowadays, technology is and will keep changing how we interact with reality, multiple disciplines are taking advantages of it and even that AEC is behind the use of technology we are starting to see more and more people getting on board with the implementation of new technologies for their workflows.

To describe all the advantages we can have with Generative Design will take more time, which we will intend to bring more blogs and provide more information to share with everyone, but one thing is granted we are experiencing one of the biggest changes we will see in AEC industry and it will evolve the way we conceptualize and think about every single project we create.

Conceptual Phase
Concepts after Generative Design

Evolving is a part of adaptation, those who adapt faster tend to have more probability to keep existing, but in our "ecosystem" we basically increase the amount of exploration, we can have deeper analysis and better understanding for our projects, to only have a pretty form without enough "reflection" is not enough anymore, as architects we must take a look to our environment and try to find the best possible outcome in the search of efficiency and sustainability.

The future with Generative Design is just part of the beginning of evolution I have no doubt soon we will see machine learning and deep learning more frequent in our projects and those who are passionate about this operations are the ones who probably will open the path for more people to get involve and innovate in AEC.

Evolution is not easy but is definitely a reason to be excited and a reason to pursuit the future of AEC.

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